May I introduce myself? I am walther. Over 500 years ago, I founded the Klingental convent, and today I am the buvette and bistro in the k-Haus. In short, I'm always there for you, come rain or sunshine.​

Here by the Rhine, you'll alway find good vibes. Whether you end a mild summer evening with an ice-cold Walther Spritz or enjoy your lunch break with a freshly baked Pinsa, you've come to the absolutely right place.

I combine pleasure with environmental awareness and write seasonal - regional - delicious in big letters on my (sun) umbrella.

Opening hours


When the weather is fine

Daily from 11 am until it gets too cold to relax at the buvette on the riverside

In poor / rainy weather

Daily from 10 am to 18 pm in the bar, on the ground floor of the kHaus 

(Kitchen closed 30 min earlier)

Private events & special occasions on request by mail

walther bistrobar & buvette

Kasernenhof 8

4058 Basel